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Sell Legal Compliance Management So... View Details

The role of legal compliance hasbeen included for self-monitoring the non-governed behavior with organizationsthat leads to workplace discretions. Corporate compliance Management Software helps the associations who ...

Updated : 29/12/2015
Sell Procurement Management Softwar... View Details

Activities such as raisingand approving purchase orders, selecting and ordering the product or service,receiving and matching the invoice and paying the bill is handle delectronically.  The main benefits for Organiz...

Updated : 29/12/2015
Sell HR Management Software View Details

HRMS is the most expensiveand simple to use.  HRMS allows you tostrengthen the performance to take smarter judgements around the completecritical HR Jobs. HR Management Software has some unique capabilities arerecru...

Updated : 29/12/2015
Sell Document Management Software View Details

Most are capable of keeping therecords of various versions created and modified by different users.  If the documents are to be shared implicitlyand explicitly, then these documents need to be managed and audited.&n...

Updated : 29/12/2015
Sell Asset Management Software View Details

The main objective of Asset ManagementSoftware is to reduce the information technology cost and limits the businessand legal risks related to the ownership. Computerized Asset Management tracks the license expiratio...

Updated : 29/12/2015
Sell Web Development View Details

web development, php development, development, mvc development

Updated : 29/4/2015
Sell GPRS/3G UMTS/GPS/SMS Temperatu... View Details

The King Pigeon S260W S261W Temperature Logger inbuilt industrial GSM and 3G WCDMA module, GPS optional, 4 Channel temperature inputs support Ultra-Low/Low/High/Ultra-High limit alarm monitoring. One digital relay output...

Updated : 06/2/2015
Sell 3G Gate Opener cell phone View Details

The 3G Gate Opener RTU5025 is an upgraded version of RTU5015, it is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems. Actually the ...

Updated : 06/2/2015
Sell School Management Software View Details

We provide best in class school management erp that will help the schools in managing their daily tasks like Attendance, student information management, fees management, exams management, Hostel management, etc.

Updated : 09/10/2014
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